January 20, 2013

love at first sight

Needless to say, there was attraction between the two of them. They were fucking like mad, one lying on his back, the other on top of him, riding cock. They were fucking fast, looking at each other, saying things to each other; the exaggeration of the talk betrayed the degree of the attraction and their stimulation. All these, after an exchange of blow-jobs and an awkward attempt to sixty-nine; the small single bed in the narrow sauna room could not provide the comfort that the lust of the two big and hairy man-bodies, needed.

And they did cum. The one lying on the bed felt the heaviness of his sperm, trapped by the condom inside the ass of his partner; and his partner’s cum splashed all over his chest and face. Free at last from longing, having released the tension, they looked at each other and both burst out laughing, humouring at the situation, at all this nervous exhibition of body clumsiness; sober, pondering at the grotesque things their mouths had uttered.

They introduced themselves. Two men in their early 40s, both stocky and muscular, they attach a name to their faces and lying next to one other, they started talking. They talked for more than an hour; about their lives, their jobs, the places they live. And before they left, they agreed to exchange phone numbers. Actually it was not an agreement, it was meant to be. And before they got off the bed, they realised they were both still horny; so, before the phone number exchange, the one who got fucked fed with more cock his partner, who still lay on the bed. They both released all remaining sexual vigour, for a few days to come.

But this did not drain their attraction; they went ahead and gave each other their contact information. And, more than attraction, you cannot hide love - especially when it’s love at first sight; meant to stay for many days to come. Years, to be accurate.


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