September 06, 2010

barrel chested man

After the massively built man took a quick glimpse at me, I sat next to him, two seats down the row. His cock was out of his fly; his hand was on his hard on, motionless. The man seemed a little rigid, so I kept looking at the screen. Slowly, I unbuttoned my fly and started playing with myself. Soon my dick stood hard, a good match to the man’s own dick. I wanted him to feel relaxed and the desire to proceed. So, I rested comfortably on the seat and continued to jerk off. With his glance fixed on the screen, his hand began stroking, synchronized to the slow beat of my hand.

The right moment came to sit next to him; he did not react or look, but kept beating off, following the motion of my hand. I grabbed his dick with my left hand, and brought my face close to the cock head, to taste with my tongue.

“Let’s go upstairs”, I urged. “What is upstairs?” he asked, “it is much better”, I replied. He followed me with no more words. We sat in the front row and I gave him a thorough blow job, bending my head and holding myself from his muscular arm.

I asked him to take off his shirt and stand in front of me. “Right here?” he asked with some pretense. I was not sure if the whole “do-not-know-what-exactly-is-going-on-here” thing was part of his act or of his guilt. And I did not care, for it turned me on as it was. He did take off his shirt and left it carefully on the seat next to mine. He stood above me, with his barrel chest and perfectly smooth skin and his big nipples. Behind him the screen, his muscular silhouette against the silvery blue glow. I opened my legs as I sat, pulled him between and grabbed him with my thighs. My hands grabbed his arms and I blew his cock more, his fingers on my nipples as I slurped dick. When I felt he was getting ready to shoot, I asked him to pull back. A stream of cum fell on my chest, he staggered and I felt his brutal strength as my thighs continued to grab him strongly. He uttered something, I did not understand what. He made sure that he had every single drop fell on me. Then, breathing heavily, he wiped his forehead with his wrist, took out some tissue paper and offered me some. He cleaned himself a little, put his shirt on and disappeared towards the exit.

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Anonymous said...

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